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5 Best Rough Country Lift Kit Review And Buying Guides [2021]

Best Rough Country Lift Kit Review

The consumer market is full of various brands of lift kits, which make it difficult to choose a good one for your needs. You must make the right decisions, whether you are an off-road enthusiast or like to boost your car’s performance.

If you only want to achieve the best when raising your vehicle’s chassis, you could invest in a lift kit from the brand of Rough Country.

It will not disappoint you. They do some of the best, and after you have installed them on your vehicle, you can be relaxed about their quality.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the best lift kit that comes from the leading brand of Rough Country.

We will do several Rough country lift kit reviews that will highlight some things that will helpful for you to choose the best products that you need.

So, let’s take a closer look and find out your desired result.

Best Rough Country Lift Kit Comparison Chart [2021]

5 Best Rough Country Lift Kit Reviews [2021]

  • Rough Country 1305 2.5″ Suspension Leveling Lift Kit 
  • Rough Country 620N2 4″ Lift Kit
  • Rough Country 2.5″ Suspension Lift Kit
  • Rough Country 6″ Lift Kit 
  • Rough Country 52230 Leveling Kit 

1. Rough Country 1305 2.5″ Suspension Leveling Lift Kit (Factory Cast Steel Control Arm Models):

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About the item:

The Rough Country 1305 2.5 inch is a great lift kit, especially for Silverado’s and Sierra’s. This lift kit adds enough ground clearance for off-road riding.

This lift kit includes two front strut mounts, spacers, and two rear lift blocks for your vehicle.

This product is perfect for getting the power that you need while you’re off-road and going up all sorts of terrains.

The most exciting feature of this kit is that they provide all instruction, and within 3 to 4 hours, you can install it.

It is an easy bolt-on installation, so you have not spent any extra charge for the installation. They provide each part that you need with this package.

But the instruction is a little bit complex, especially if it is your first time for you. in that case, you take support from online.

You will find plenty of videos on YouTube, and even you can contact the Rough Country supporter team.

The drawback of these instructions is that the sections are not clear that which part is for front and which part for back. The rear pieces are the slanting ones, so make sure you bring them at the back.

However, this lift kit improves ground clearance, gives satisfactory off-road performance, and improves overall ride quality.

Another good fact is that they come back with a lifetime replacement warranty.

(Recommended for Jeep Wrangler, Chevy Silverado, F150,  GMC, Toyota Tacoma, and most of the SUVs)

Things you will like:

  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Include everything for both the front and back of your vehicle
  • Compatible with Silverados and Sierras
  • Build with durable materials
  • Affordable price
  • Lifetime replacement warranty


  • Instructions can be hard for first-time lifters
  • Does not work with Auto Ride or Auto Leveling Models

Product information:

  • Brand: Rough Country
  • Model: 2.5″ Leveling Kit
  • Item Weight: 14.45 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 25.5 x 5.8 x 6 inches
  • Item model number: 1305

2. Rough Country 620N2 4″ Lift Kit compatible w/ 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ w/Power Steering w/ N3 Shocks Suspension System:

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About the item:

The Rough Country 620N2 will provide your Wrangler ultimate protection and also an excellent performance on the bad road.

This system offers unmatched ground clearance for your vehicle, making it ideal for different terrain. Moreover, the included shock absorbers reduce the vibration and ensure the safety issue.

This item comes with N3 shock absorbers that provide great performance. The double conveying leaf springs make sure more stability and can distribute the car’s loads.

The transfer case drip also helps to maintain suitable angles of the driveshaft, which will allow you to avoid any vibration problems.

Also, you are getting the in-bolt installation facility.

This lift kit includes all the parts that you need. You can keep a grinder to cut some bolts. But nothing else you need, it includes everything.

Things you will like:

  • Provide better protection, performance, and style
  • Double tapered leaf springs
  • Comes with a blot on installation feature
  • They include N3 shock absorbers
  • Transfer case drop maintains driveshaft angles


  • None

Product information:

  • Brand: Rough Country
  • Model: Rough Country 4″ Lift Kit compatible
  • Item Weight: 173.7 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 35.4 x 13.8 x 8.8 inches
  • Item model number: 620N2

3. Rough Country 2.5″ Suspension Lift Kit for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited JK – 635:

About the item:

The setup of these kits is quite simple if you already know your way around the underside of your vehicle, and you might like to watch a video or two if you don’t.

This model is compatible with 07-18 Wrangler JK 4WD and 07-18 Wrangler Unlimited JK 4WD.

Once installing it, you will get the noticeable improvement on tire performance.

They provide all the parts with this package. It has front and rear Coil spring spacers, front and rear brake line brackets, front and rear shock relocation brackets, rear track bar bracket, back sway bar links, and other hardware.

So you don’t need any extra component to get an excellent performance. This kit will add an exceptional look.

Rough Country offers the best price level for full kits on the market. It may take 2 to 3 hours for the whole installation.

It provides 4.5-inch backspacing. The recommended tire size is 33 inches if you need more, you can see another model.

Things you will like:

  • 10-Stage Variable Valving
  • Chromed Hardened 18mm Piston Rod
  • Spring Loaded Piston Rod Seal
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable price
  • Gives tire clearance and enhance ride quality
  • Comes with a complete package


  • Not perfect for large tire

Product information:

  • Brand: Rough Country
  • Model: 2.5″ Series II Lift Kit
  • Item Weight: 24.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 28.8 x 6.2 x 7.5 inches
  • Item model number: 635

4. Rough Country 6″ Lift Kit compatible w/ 1999-2006 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 1500 2WD | N3 Shocks | Knuckles | 23420:

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About the item:

You can be sure of a reliable upgrade to your car for next-level car performance using the rough country lift kit.

The lift kit includes several unique components that are robust and versatile.

The lift kit also has a trapezoid design and a large surface area that make it more attractive to the customer.

They also provide nitrogen-charged shocks that make sure your ride premium comfortable on the off-road. Therefore, you can enjoy a vehicle that is superb and reliable.

The shocks even come with a 10-stage responsive valve that provides a smooth ride every time. The lifted knuckles and spindle spring spaces work well in different ways to improve the efficiency of the vehicle.

Also, it helps to maintain balance between coil springs and wheels.

Here you will get a flexible set-up feature. Another exciting fact is that this lift kit has a lifetime replacement warranty, and they provide excellent service for user satisfaction.

Things you will like:

  • High ground clearance
  • Comes with premium N3 shocks
  • Simple to install and with minimal drilling
  • Rough Country’s Lifetime Replacement Warranty


  • This kit will not level your perfectly

Product information:

  • Brand: Rough Country
  • Model: Rough Country 6″ Lift Kit compatible
  • Item Weight: 167.2 pounds
  • Item model number: 23420

5. Rough Country 52230 Leveling Kit 2″ fits 2009-2019 F150 Includes N3 Shocks Suspension System:

5 Best Rough Country Lift Kit Review And Buying Guides [2021] 75 Best Rough Country Lift Kit Review And Buying Guides [2021] 8

About the item:

Not all kits give you a 100% even place, and the amount that you need varies from brand to brand, but this is typically in a 2.5-inch realm.

If you want to increase performance on the road when pulling your toys or truck, then look for something in the range of 3 inches to 4 inches.

The best part of this model is that it comes with everything that you need. Besides, it no only offers a lift of your truck, but also suspension performs up to par.

This product is made of a proprietary heavy-duty composite material that never rusts or broke the elements. The Rough Country 52230 is compatible with the 2009-2019 Ford F150.

(Comes with required hardware)

Things you will like:

  1. Increase Ground Clearance 2″
  2. Smooth maintenance and comfortable ride
  3. Adjust front with the rear of the vehicle
  4. Easy to install with a minimal installation time
  5. Build with heavy-duty materials
  6. Rough Country’s Lifetime Replace Shocks
  7. And 3 Year for Struts


  • Little bit expensive

Product information:

  1. Brand: Rough Country
  2. Model: Rough Country 2″ Leveling Kit
  3. Item Weight: 25.8 pounds
  4. Product Dimensions: 24.8 x 13.5 x 6.8 inches
  5. Item model number: 52230

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Lift Kit

If you need to drive on off-road or use your truck for the heavy task, then you should invest for a lift kit. If you are considering purchasing a truck lift kit, here are some points to keep in mind.


A specific lift kit is not compatible with every vehicle. So, you need to check the compatibility for your truck before purchasing it. Some lift kit installation is more complicated and needs professionals that will add extra cost.


Budget is a vital issue because at the same price you can get more facilities. Some lift kit installation is more complicated and needs professionals that will add extra cost.


Check the vehicle warranty before installing one and determine if you’re willing to risk voiding the warranty for the advantages of a lift kit.

Types of Lift Kits:

You must understand three different types of lifting kits in order to buy a lift kit for your needs.

Suspension lift kits:

Suspension lift kits increase the suspension of the vehicle to give it more ground clearance. They work by taking and replacing the front and rear leaf springs to provide four to six inches of lift.

Leveling lift kits:

Leveling lift kits are not designed to add a noticeable lift for the vehicle; it can level the height of the front and rear end of a truck. Usually, this is an affordable option with lower mounting extensions.

Body lift kits:

The body lift kits provide a 1-3-inch body lift from the frame. This type of lift kit offers a little extra ground clearance, but the main objective is to make the larger wheel well.

Final Verdict:

Rough Country is such a brand where you find all parts and accessories for all vehicles. An organization will be proud of its innovation and creativity.

Installing a lift kit on your car not only will improve the performance of your vehicle but also add value for the money.

It will be beneficial if you can undertake some basic research before investing in such a mechanical component.

We hope this rough country lift kit review makes your lift kit research easier.