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Levelling Kit vs Lift Kit Which one to go for [2021]

Typically, a levelling kit and lift kit is not the same thing at all. Yes! These two objects are different in application, performance, and effect as well. 

Though both of these two objects have a couple of similarities and these are an essential item for your heavy-duty vehicles like SUV, truck, pickup van, even for your jeep wrangler. 

But the owner of the maximum vehicle makes a big mistake that they seem the levelling kit and lift kit are the same things. 

But in this content, we will highly point the key difference between these two tools. After that, you can know both of these two items’ application and you can easily find out which one should you require. 

Difference between a lift kit and levelling kit: 

At the initial stage, let’s see their definition for clear the application area.

  • Both of these lifting items are offering you the taller ride. And you can easily set larger wheels and tires.

As a result, you will get the extra level of handling changes, the fantastic centre of gravity, and the next level of ground clearance.

  • Typically, body mounting tools are a bit cheaper than the suspension tools. But the most common facts are these tow objects have the same level of ride height. 

Also, the tire sizes are quite similar. 

  • But a significant difference we notice about the ground clearance. 

In this case, the suspension item has more effective ground clearance capability. 

  • On the other hand, when it comes about handling: 

The body lift offers factory ride and the suspension kit only increase the body roll. 

  • And you can easily moderate the body lift where the suspension items are quite challenging to moderate. 
  • The size of a body lift is near about 2 to 5 inches and a suspension item is approximately 2 to 9 inch. 

Now it is clear that a body lift kit is only for mounting the body frame and a suspension item is for rising every part properly. 

And both of these items are fantastic for quality ground clearance. 

Now we can summarize that: 

A lift kit is mainly for ground clearance and larger tires. On the other hand, a levelling item is for changing the appearance. 

But a levelling item also provides you ground clearance (limited volume).

Overall, both of these tools improves ride quality, especially for off-road.

Final verdict: 

The interesting part is some item has both the capability (lifting and levelling eventually). But for quality performance, you need the specific item. 

And we recommend that you need both lifting and levelling of your vehicle. That's why get the quality products, follow the accurate installation process, and enjoy your ride (both in on and off-road)