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Body Lift Kits vs. Suspension Lift Kits – Buying Guide [2021]

Body Lift Kits vs. Suspension Lift Kits

First of all, there is a difference between body and suspension lift kit that you have to realize. A nylon spacer is used between the body and frame in body lift kits. 

It can lift the vehicle’s maximum of five inches. On the other hand, you can raise your truck as high as you like with a suspension lift kit, but they are much more costly.

We’re going to take a look in-depth at some features and hopefully give you a better understanding of which lifting method you need.

What is the Body Lift Kit?

It will give you a higher ride height on a truck, SUV, or Jeep, as it adds spacers between bed and cab. You need this modification to lift the bumpers and expand the steering column.

It is a fantastic look with enhanced tire clearance, and it’s comparatively cheap and relatively easy to install. Body lift kit does not affect the quality of your ride.

What is the Suspension Lift Kit?

Suspension lift kits are designed to add ground clearance to a vehicle. This type of lift kit is most widely used on trucks and 4x4s. A suspension lift system works by replacing the front and rear shocks and leaf springs.

A suspension lift kit can typically raise a vehicle from 4 to 6 inches above its stock height, but extreme lift kits can achieve heights of up to 18 inches. If you need to drive in off the road, then a suspension lift kit is the best solution for you.

The suspension lift is a more costly option, but the center of gravity would be higher.

Advantages of body lift kits:

This is a common knowledge among the owner of truck or SUV that having a body lift kit is beneficial if you want to take your vehicle in off-road.

However, many people do not know the main reason for using the lift kit. Yes, people think they lift their vehicle because it looks cool, but there are a lot of other benefits. 


One advantage is that the body lift kit is a much cheaper choice to lift the car. Installing a body lift kit is also comparatively easier than a suspension lift kit.


Typically, the lift kit comes between 2 to 3 inches, and the kits will contain all the pieces needed for the complete lift. The body lift does not lift the frame and the engine, only the body itself.

Towing Potential:

The body lift kit increases the potentiality while towing. Moreover, it makes the load easier and unload into your truck, and you will feel better while driving.

A body lift kit gives the truck a higher center of gravity, and heavy items like big boats or large trailers can become easier to transport.

View/Look and safety: 

It makes your vehicle more outstanding as well as it improves the safety of your vehicles.

A good view means a quick response to threats and overall awareness. It will help keep both on and off the road from trouble.

Advantages of suspension lift kits:

Increased clearance:

Ground clearance is the first and most significant advantage of having suspension lift kits. When you combined suspension with a shock, it increases safety while driving on the rough road. 

Drive through hard terrain:

A lifted vehicle is useful when you want to try the most robust off-road activities like driving through hills or sand dunes, etc. 

Smooth riding experience:

Suspension lift kits provide the space you need and offer superior comfort, even when driving in hard terrain under heavy conditions.

Bigger tires:

Bigger tire not only improves the outlook of your truck but also delivers overall better performance.

When you use a suspension lift kit, it enables your truck to use a particular tire that is designed for off-road use and make your vehicle to meet any problematic situation.

Towing capacity:

Another good thing about this lift kit it prepares your vehicle for towing a heavy load.

Comparison between body and suspension lift:

Suspension lift kits are more difficult to configure and more expensive compared to body lifts, but the benefits offered are undoubtedly superior.

Not only does this approach help you achieve height, but it also allows you more ground clearance and suspension movement.

On the other side, the body lift system operates independently from the suspension component and raises the truck body by adding spacers under the cab.

Compare to the body kit with suspension, the suspension lift kit has a more long term advantage. It improves better off-road performance, and reduce the gap between body and chassis.

Pros of Body Lift:

  1. Increase the ride-height by installing the bigger tire
  2. It doesn’t require a wheel alignment
  3. Comparatively, it is cheaper than the suspension system
  4. Won’t affect ride quality 
  5. Quick and easy installation, especially for novices
  6. Gives better off-road performance

Pros of Suspension Lift:

  1. Provide better performance for off-road conditions
  2. It gives you a chance to add ground clearance as you like (generally 2 to 12 inches)
  3. There is no visible gap feature between the chassis and the body 
  4. Provide large tire clearance
  5. It is beneficial for long time uses

Cons of Body Lift:

  1. If you add bigger tires, it may cause hamper tire clearance
  2. It cannot add substantial ground clearance
  3. The visible gap is ugly between the body and chassis
  4. There is no improvement in vehicle suspension or overall performance

Cons of Suspension Lift:

  1. Drastically affects ride quality and handling
  2. It is expensive compared to a body lift kit
  3. Conducts suspension geometry, therefore, requires a wheel alignment
  4. It needs more time to install and a little bit difficult to configure

Which is better?

If off-roading is your passion, we’d recommend a suspension lift kit for you since a suspension lift is beneficial when it comes to earthly terrain driving.

This improved stability and allows bigger tires without hampering clearance in any way. You have to remember that a body lift isn’t beneficial for rough and off-road terrain. So, you should choose the suspension system if you have not a budget problem.