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5 Best Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 1500 – Reviews [2021]

Best Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 1500 - Reviews

Dodge ram is a heavy-duty vehicle. And for its flexible off-road riding, you need proper suspension. 

This required mounting is possible with the quality lifting tool. 

In this review, you will get the exact information and market condition. 

So let’s take a closer look: 

Best Lift Kit For Dodge Ram 1500 Comparison Chart [2021]: 

5 Best Lift Kit For Dodge Ram 1500 Reviews [2021]: 

  • Rough Country – 6″ Lift Kit
  • KSP 3″F+2″R Leveling Lift Kits
  • Supreme Suspensions – Full Lift Kit
  • Rough Country 2.5″ Leveling Kit
  • Rough Country 3″ Lift Kit

1. Rough Country 6″ Lift Kit (fits) 2012-2018 RAM Truck 1500 4WD w/ N3 Struts Shocks Suspension System 33231

5 Best Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 1500 - Reviews [2021] 15 Best Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 1500 - Reviews [2021] 2

For better off-road experience this 6 inches leveling kit is highly recommendable. This model comes with universal fitting. 

And it can adjust up to 37 inches tires easily.

Affordably, you can carry the excess load with your RAM 15000. 

Also, you will get tremendous service with the required level of stability. This steel-based model ensures lifetime servicing capability. 

Moreover, you will get the fastest and easy replacement. Its exterior body is made with high-quality billet aluminum to make it more sturdy and durable as well.

Along with the massive performance, you will enjoy proper protection against bumping. 

That’s why you can drive it fearlessly in any dangerous place. 

After opening the box; you will get a vast number of supporting tools. These kits are: 

  1. Lifted Knuckles
  2. Rear Crossmember
  3. Upper Strut Spacers
  4. Front Crossmember
  5. Skid Plate 
  6. Coil Spacer 

Furthermore, the manufacturer confirms your N3 performance with shock absorbers. 

Overall, you will enjoy flexible riding. 


  1. Accommodates up to 37 inches 
  2. Suitable both for front and rear members 
  3. High-quality N3 shock absorber 
  4. Lifetime warranty


For installing this tool, you should hire an experienced worker 


2. KSP 3″F+2″R Leveling Lift Kits for Ram 1500 2009-2019,3 Inch Front Strut Spacers and 2 Inch Rear coil Spring Spacers Lift the Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Black

5 Best Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 1500 - Reviews [2021] 3

This item is adjustable with 4WD. But you cannot apply it for 2 WD. 

Another important note is space is not equal. You can lift its front portion to 3 inches. 

But the rear one lifts 2 inches only. As a result, you will notice its super quality tire clearance that makes your off-road riding more enjoyable.

However, this unit comes with high-effective protection. Here you will get extra resistant against decaying. 

The company applied aircraft-type aluminum shielding with corrosion-protective coating. Also, it can control a moderate level.

You will get the genuine OEM ride quality and flexible driving experience. And it provides you remarkably aggressive look. 


  1. Fastest installing 
  2. Better control and intimate performance
  3. Durable and efficient suspension system


Yes, the ground clearance is proper. But you cannot get too high-volume of mounting. 

3. Supreme Suspensions – Full Lift Kit for 2006-2019 Dodge Ram 1500 3″ Front Lift Strut Spacers + 2″ Rear Lift Spring Spacers Suspension Lift Kit 4WD:

5 Best Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 1500 - Reviews [2021] 4

This all in one package delivers super satisfaction and reliability. 

You will get a specific range of mounting and excellent off-road experience. Also, it rides well in on-road. 

Here you will get 2 inches back suspension and 3 inches front suspension. And this kit is quite flexible to install. 

Besides the Dodge ram; you can also use it for other heavy-duty vehicles. For enjoying perfect bend, this kit is excellent. 


  1. Durable life span 
  2. User-friendly and ultra-protective 
  3. Flexible set-up and excellent suspension system


Not suitable for too heavy tires 


4. Rough Country 3″ Lift Kit compatible w/ 2012-2018 Ram 1500 4WD w/ N3 Shocks Suspension System 31230 :

5 Best Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 1500 - Reviews [2021] 5

This tool comes in heavy-duty leaser cut and fastest blending ability. And you will face minimal effort for installation. 

It can mount a medium range of height and delivers the ultimate ground clearance. As a result, you can use larger tires that is quite recommended for off-road riding.

Furthermore, you are getting the required grade of protection and durability as well. Also, it provides excellent versatility. 

This object integrates premium N3 shocks, -bolt, and a coil spring. 

In a world, this suspension tool is quite adorable to the car owners. This kit is reliable for a factory ride. 


  1. Fastest bending and factory ride 
  2. N3 shocks and excellent airlift 
  3. Adorable and a reliable kit for the ram truck
  4. Usable for larger tire sizes


Users prefer more features in an advanced lifting item 

5. Rough Country 2.5″ Leveling Kit (fits) 1994-2001 RAM Truck 1500 Suspension System 362.20:

5 Best Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 1500 - Reviews [2021] 6

This kit powerfully handles the off-road obstacles and maximizes the ground clearance ratings. 

Additionally, you will get super protection and durability. 

And this kit is easy to set-up and easy to operate. Also, you will get a lifetime replacement facility. 

It mounts both the rear and front portion in the same way and makes the riding comfortable. Overall, to ensure a comfortable ride, this lift kit gives the maximum advantage.  


  1. Comfortable riding and intimate performance 
  2. Fastest bending and off-road experience
  3. Additional protection 
  4. Excellent rear coil and front coil springs


Not versatile 

Buying guide: 

In the purchasing time, you should emphasize on the given facts. 

1. Bending power and lifting capability:

The kit should have the flexible bending capability. Also, it has to lift at least 2.5 to 3 inches in height. 

2. Protective and durable:

Make sure the manufacturer delivers an excellent finish to avoid corrosion. And the object should have the long-lasting servicing ability. 

3. Others:

Get the budget-friendly quality products. Concern about the market condition and check the previous review. 

Reliable 6 inch lift kit for dodge rams 1500 4wd:

In this case, the Rough country’s six-inch lifting kit is highly reliable. This mounting item is mainly for dodge ram 1500 4wd. 

But we noticed that it is not a good option for 2WD. 

12-inch lift kits for dodge ram 1500:

Unfortunately, I did not get any dependable particular lifting object for 12 inches mounting. 

That’s why my opinion is using the kits that are recommended for 6-inch for the maximum clearance. 

Final verdict:

Get the best lift-kit for dodge ram 15000 for a better off-road experience. And the perfect options are considering our suggested products. 

Cause, these goods come with super effectiveness with the advanced features. And all of these products are available at a medium-range budget.