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Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tundra [2021]

Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tundra

What Exhaust system do you think is the best in the market? Think of looks, efficiency, cost, quality, and installation difficulties as factors in your voting.

Whether you believe we will take a closer look at the best exhaust system for the Toyota tundra available in today’s market place.

Aftermarket exhaust systems allow harmful gases to get out of the Toyota Tundra engine faster and increase its performance. A better exhaust flow also increases gas efficiency, as it clears the machine and enables it to work with less restriction.

Upgrading your exhaust system will make you fully developed if you are a fan of any loud, aggressive sounding vehicle.

Faulty extraction means more fuel consumption and low-quality steep climbing. So, you need to select the best quality exhaust system for your cars.

Let’s take a closer look and find out your desires one:

Here is the list of the best exhaust system for Toyota tundra:

Gibson Performance Exhaust 60-0013 Metal Mulisha Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tundra [2021] 1Gibson Performance Exhaust 60-0013 Metal Mulisha Stainless Steel Exhaust System

About the item:

Gibson Exhaust system comes from the famous United States Company. Because of its high-quality results, this product is renowned for its customer.

It has high-quality steel with a black ceramics exhaust point. This exhaust system is best recommended if your vehicle is designed for long and rugged trips.

Its materials are long-lasting and can withstand the worst situation on the way. The sound is never a problem due to the unlimited volume efficiency.

Moreover, the stainless steel body part makes the object more sturdy and ultra-durable. Also, you are getting a DIY installation system.

And once you set it successfully, you will enjoy the maximum performance.

Overall, you will never go wrong with this item if you look for a powerful sound, excellent fuel efficiency, and the best quality.

The product is costly, but you’re not going to settle for a discounted product with compromises. This is why many people enjoy the features of the most popular Toyota Tundra exhaust systems model.

Things you will like:

1. 6 inches ceramic tip

2. Stainless steel with a 4-inch tube

3. The installation process is never a problem

4. High-quality performance

5. Economic friendly fuel consumption


· Sound is slightly loud

Product information:

1. Brand: Gibson Performance Exhaust

2. Model: 60-0013

3. Item Weight: 55 pounds

4. Product Dimensions: 48 x 13 x 12 inches

Walker 18954 SoundFX Muffler

About the item:

The Walker 18954 SoundFX Muffler is one of the best performing exhaust systems on the market. This exhaust system has two tubes and two partitions to allow maximum performance.

It has a high-quality aluminum alloy, which has a long-lasting characteristic and a professional appearance.

Here you will notice an amazing throttle performance along with other remarkable improvements.

The system comes with spot-weaved brushings for stability and associated support. The mechanical inner joints that come with it are also very durable.

Things you will like:

1. Easy to install

2. Top-quality aluminized steel

3. Very durable

4. Long-lasting and perfect fit for Toyota

5. Corrosion-resistant


· The installation process is pretty hard

Product information:

1. Manufacturer: Tenneco

2. Brand: Walker

3. Item Weight: 21 pounds

4. Product Dimensions: 88 x 18 x 12 inches

Borla 140332 Cat-Back Exhaust System

About the item:

Borla 140332 is the best option for those trying to activate the Toyota Tundra’s most significant horsepower.

Yes, your Toyota Tundra doesn’t depend on its performance, but on its exhaust system. Compared to others, this product can be a costly but significant investment.

The multi-core technology makes it possible to match the older Toyota Tundra version. It is made of accurate, straight, and genuine stainless steel.

The engine is powerful, and how much you save on your fuel consumption would be appreciated.

Typically, this aftermarket product is more effective than the original item. Here you will enjoy an easy replacement process with a minimal time.

On the other hand, during the installation process, the pipes need some adaptation. You must be aware because a mistake could harm the engine.

Things you will like:

1. Backed by Million-Mile warranty

2. multi-core technology applied and ensures sound performance

3. Increased exhaust velocity adds power

4. ensure maximum flow and power

5. Increased driving excitement and fuel economy


· Tubes are bendable

Product information:

1. Brand: Borla

2. Item Weight: 64 pounds

3. Item model number: 140332

Flowmaster 817708 Outlaw Extreme Kit, Base Product

About the item:

Flowmaster 817708 is a superb build for all Tundra owners who want the best match for their vehicle. A high-quality exhaust system at a reasonable price is assured with this incredible product.

With truck enthusiasts in mind, this product was put together. The journey begins with the replacement and reconfiguration of your exhaust system to create your dream ride.

The Flowmaster 817708 provides high-quality steel that is ideal for those who enjoy extreme lifestyles. The muffler is a remarkable technology and is one of the world’s best automotive technologies.

Things you will like:

1. Extreme Sound for Extreme Lifestyles

2. Stainless Steel Construction

3. Made in the USA

4. Top-quality material

5. impressive Muffler technology

6. Super-efficient exhaust kit


· The instruction for installation is not well written

Product information:

1. Brand: Flowmaster

2. Model: 817708

3. Item Weight: 0.32 ounces

4. Item model number: 817708

Walker 47774 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler Assembly

About the item:

The Walker Exhaust System is the lightest of all our listed products. The most exhaustive machine can weigh up to 50 pounds, this tool is very lightweight and only 8 pounds. If you are worried about the shipping price, this product is an excellent pick.

While this item could save you a lot, it’s guaranteed that its quality is not left behind. The Walker 47774 is made of stainless steel-louvered sound-level tubes in Oe-style, top-quality mechanical airfield tubes for more prolonged use.

This exhaust system best suits the best if you still have old Toyota models, such as those of the 2009-2003 series. Also, the Walker Exhaust System is better known for a replacement than an improvement, as it can fit into older Toyota models.

This product can be your cheapest alternative, too. It doesn’t come in for installation with the complete hardware equipment.

Things you will like:

1. Can be your cheapest choice with the best performance

2. Stainless steel corrosion-resistant

3. OE-style replacement

4. Acoustic control

5. Lightweight

6. Improves off-roading ride


· Not famous for noise booster

Product information:

1. Brand: Walker

2. Item Weight: 8 pounds

3. Product Dimensions: 87 x 8 x 6 inches

What are the benefits of an exhaust kit?

There are two main advantages: sound and efficiency. However, if you want to be precise, then aftermarket exhaust kits are made using better materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Aftermarket exhausts have larger tubing diameters to enhance exhaust flow. It also reduces the risky motor backing under heavy loads, allowing the motor to breathe better.

Aftermarket exhausts have been designed to do the same by making it easier for the engine to breathe when you have a loud, rumbled exhaust sound.

How to boost the horsepower of the exhaust system?

Go to the close fuel tube to increase the output of your horsepower. Power is necessary because fuel efficiency could also be increased. Remember that the more fantastic pipe produces better horsepower.

How an exhaust does pipework?

Exhaust pipes work like a funnel. Usually, the diverting gases (from the cylinder) releases through the single opening. After that, the fumes exit through the tailpipe to pass the gases away.

Final Verdict:

It’s always hard to pick the best of them. So, a lot of work is needed, but you’re not going to waste your money because an exhaust system is costly.

Just know the brand, quality of the sound, and even the smallest information like the pipes or mufflers, and don’t waste your money.

The best exhaust system for Toyota tundra can make your vehicle more attractive. You can pick any exhaust system from our list because we select each product very carefully.